Single&Jumbo KT-5000 ( Katlanır Tip Kepçe )

Useable Attachments:
Beet - straw bucket, openable bucket,
square bale attachment, round bale attachment
timber loader, pallet loader.

What makes our loader unique :
Balance system: The bucket always works upward.
Bidirectional lift: Doubles the power.
Strong Chassis: The chassis is reinforced against of bending and breaking.


Technical Specifications

Lifting Height Max. 5 m.
Unloading Height Max. 4 m.
Weight 600 kg.
Height 245 cm.
Width 150 cm.
Bucket Width 150 cm.
Bucket Volume 0.39 m3
Min. Hydraulic Houses 4 ad.
Min. Required Power 80 HP and over
Max. Loading Weight 1000 Kg.