Tractor Rear-Mounted Loader with Euro Adapter - KT5000
KT5000 was designed by Oguzyigit Agricultural Machinery. It's patented loaders worldwide and only Oguzyigit has a manufacturing license for KT5000.
Thanks to the advantage of being a single body, it provides you with a wider viewing angle when you pick up and unload your load when you compare it to other tractor loaders. While saving time thanks to its design, it will serve you for many years with its durability.
KT5000 Tractor Rear Loader can be manufactured with a euro adapter so it can easily attach any kind of attachment around the world.
Below you can see the usable attachments with KT2000: 

Heavy works bucket, Round Bale Grabber, Hay Forks, Log loader, Pallet loader, Sack Loader.


What makes our loader unique :
Balance system: The bucket always works upward.
Bidirectional lift: Doubles the power.
Strong Chassis: The chassis is reinforced against of bending and breaking.


Technical Specifications

Lifting Height Max. 5 m.
Unloading Height Max. 4 m.
Weight 600 kg.
Height 245 cm.
Width 150 cm.
Bucket Width 150 cm.
Bucket Volume 0.39 m3
Min. Hydraulic Houses 4 ad.
Min. Required Power 80 HP and over
Max. Loading Weight 1000 Kg.