Our company started its activities in 1980 in Konya province, which is the heart of the agricultural sector. Our business established by Hasan UĞUZYİGIT; started its activities with the production of various agricultural tools and found its place in the market. In 1984, he started to produce mowers and since those years green feed crops clover, seedlings, lentils, chickpeas, meadows, oats, barley, beans, thyme, cumin, etc.) mower, Tractor front loader scoop, Tractor rear loader Scoop and our company which continues to produce suitable attachments for them and sees the necessary attention from our valued customers; R&D studies are continuing in order to provide more efficient use on this interest and appreciation. We operate in a total area of 3000 m² with 2000 m² closed 1000 m² open in Konya Büsan private organized industry.
At the beginning of 2019, we started to use this brand in our tractor front loader buckets by incorporating NOVATAR brand. The quality and ease of use of the front loader occurs when using it. As you may have noticed in our other products, we make useful and different designs and offer them to your liking. We are assclaimed in terms of robustness, design, quality, ease of use.
We are also working to increase our exports day by day. We make special productions for tractors, work machines and front loader bucket attachments to some European countries.   In order to be permanent in the sector that has been growing and developing over the years, we have always considered manufacturing high quality, robust and usability products in production. In this context, it is important and indispensable for us to implement the criticisms, demands and suggestions from our customers as quickly as we can. Our customers who know our sensitivity in this regard prefer us again even if they bought products from our company years ago. We are very sensitive about after-sales service so that our customers are not victims in any way. We have done accurate, honest and reliable trade with our expert, experienced staff in the field. From now on, it will be our biggest goal to grow with you while maintaining the trust of our customers without compromising on these issues. In our products; There are Agricultural Credit Documents, experimental reports from the Department of Agricultural Machinery of S.U. Faculty of Agriculture and CE certificate. You can obtain our products from agricultural credit and beet cooperatives.
We strive to provide continuous quality, comfortable and easy use to our farmers by highlighting customer satisfaction for better service purposes.
Your trust, suggestions and criticisms are our biggest capital.